I’m debating should I give my introduction or just start blabbering. Well, I am a 21 year old adult from India. My name is Swagatika but friends call me “Swag” or “Swaggy”, the most ironic part is that I don’t have “SWAG” at all.

During my journey as an exchange student in Berlin, Germany I understood the true value of travelling. Especially solo travelling. Since then, the travel bug bites me every now and then.

If you’re wondering if I had/have some places to go and check it off my bucket list then I am sorry, but you’re wrong. Because I don’t have a bucket list. I did try making one but could never do it. Ask why? The reason being I want everything . If I see a new place or food or a dress, I want it, and I usually end up getting it.

I love being alone with my music, going on a train or bus, looking out and observing everyone. I prefer thinking than talking. If you’re into that, then hey! Its a match! This is going to be a Travel, Rants and Food blog.

I’m so excited to share my experiences with you.

Love and hugs!


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