What’s up with me!

Hey! It’s been 30 days since the new year started and almost two months since I have updated this blog. So, what’s up with me? 2017 was a great year, in terms of travel and personal growth. I learned and unlearned while keeping myself sane and coming out of the dark phase I was pushing myself … More What’s up with me!

Life After College

I got done with my undergraduate degree in business management(aka BBA) a few days ago and I’ve been thinking ever since about what to do with my life now. Being at this point of life, all my friends would be doing the same. Obviously, this is going to be a huge change in my and … More Life After College


Lilly Singh, my favorite YouTuber and most probably my favorite human being in this planet made a video about different types of voices our head has. We have the good, the bad, the naughty, the sad, the carefree, and so many others. It’s our decision to choose which one we give the power to stay … More Voices