This is a showcase as to why I started this blog and what motivates me to do this. The main idea of this blog is to not make a travel/food blog . It is to inspire people to go out of their comfort zone and do something great from it. By whatever means they can. I want to do that by travelling around the world.

To travel, have rich gastronomic experiences, be yourself and talk about the things which goes on inside your head and change the world by bringing a huge positive impact is something I believe in. As said earlier, I don’t have a bucket list but I bumped into something in Athens, Greece which asked me to make a “To-do thing. I was stopped by a huge black board with title saying, “Before I die….”. I knew I had to fill it up, I questioned myself and took a chalk to fill it up.

“Before I die……

I want to travel more and inspire people”

Now you know my number one thing  in my to-do list. Tell me yours, lets have some #Goals!